Sandywood Gardens

2535 E Round Lake Rd

DeWitt MI 48820

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This is our mascot, TOT, sleeping on the golf cart waiting for us to get back to work.

GARDEN MAINTENANCE --  Do you need help with spring clean up?  We will be happy to clean and weed your gardens and continue with regular maintenance, based on your needs and our availability.  $25 per hour, three (3) hour minimum.  Travel time charged beyond a 10 mile radius of our location..

LANDSCAPE CONSULTING - Do you need assistance in tweaking your garden or help with plant identification?  I'll walk through your gardens with you, answer questions and make suggestions based on your gardening style and personality.

Fee based $25 per hour, one hour minimum.  Travel time charged beyond a 15 mile radius of our location.

Witness the difference between a retail yard and a local garden. 

Fresh dug, in season plants.  Nothing is pushed, potted and grown