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SAND CAST LEAF--Who would have thought to use a leaf for a casting?  That’s exactly what it is!  Check our selection of natural and painted leaves available for purchase.  Or, bring a leaf (any size) from your garden or select one of ours to make your own.  Rhubarb, hosta and elephant ear are good choices for a bird bath, fairy garden or just to add color and interest to your garden. HUPERTUFA-- a strange name for a cement-like textured plant container.  The size and texture are limited only by your imagination and the material selected as the mold.  We have a selection available, or make your own.

STEPPING STONES-- make a wonderful gift for all ages. I have stones displayed in pathways through-out my gardens, made yearly by family members, dogs and cats included! It is fun to compare hand or foot size, remember the fun times and enjoy the memories for years to come.

UPCYCLED GLASS ART - Create your "one of a kind" masterpiece, (i.e. birdbath, flower, totem) selecting glassware items from over 1,000 colors, shapes and sizes. $15 plus materials.

FRAMED GLASS ART--Decorative picture or window framed art —the newest glass project.  Large selection of frames, windows and many sizes, shapes and textures of clear and colored broken glass to choose from.  A two (2) hour workshop $30 plus materials

GAZING BALL - make your own in our 3 hour workshop. Only $30 and a durable, lasting piece of art that will greatly capture the beauty of your garden.

FAIRY GARDENS - .“Make and Take” workshop, (open to all ages) you will design a unique container fairy garden that includes crafting accessories with your personal touch.  A great idea for groups such as Girl Scouts. One hour class fee of $30 includes three plants, a path and three accessories.  You will construct your own arch, fire pit, gazing ball and design a container garden for your fairy. Groups of 4+.